About Endurance

Welcome to the world of robots and drones! Welcome to the world of Endurance!
Endurance is a growth-oriented Russian-American technological start-up, specializing in development and sales of technological products, mainly, lasers, robots and drones.

Endurance Award

Endurance presents:

  1. L-Cheapo diode lasers 2.1 W, 3.5 W for 3D printers and CNC mills, which turn any 3D printer or CNS mill/router into a laser cutter/engraver. A perfect solution for enthusiastic people, do-it-yourselfers and for companies dealing with 3D printing or producing promotional items and souvenirs. The lasers are easy in use and service. Unlike Chinese analogues, they are powerful, fail-safe, and cheap.

  2. Diode laser engravers (2.1 W and 3.5 W). An ideal solution for home and small offices to easily make beautiful engravings for your people and colleagues.  This is a unique solution in the market for do-it-yourself cutting and engraving.  “3 in 1”: 3D printer, laser cutter, and a laser engraver. Our product enables not just to easily and quickly create small plastic models but also to engrave, make personal inscriptions, do markings. The Endurance engraver will turn the user’s working place into a mini engraving workshop.
  3. An Endurance DIY desktop laser cutter/engraver (2.1 W and 3.5 W).  This Endurance engraving kit (“do it yourself”) is meant for those who need now and then to engrave this or that at work without leaving the office. Our cutter/engraver is easy to use and control. Just connect the device to your PC and cut/engrave whatever you like. The Endurance DIY desktop laser cutter/engraver cuts and engraves various materials: wood, plywood, cardboard, non-transparent acrylic, plastics. The Endurance DIY desktop laser cutter/engraver will be useful for home and office.
  4. A telepresence system (telepresence robot) is a new way of communication, opening one more dimension of communication. A new dimension of reality during video calls. The telepresence system is an Android tablet on wheels, which you can take along and communicate on a new level. Telepresence is not just a way to see and hear your interlocutor but also to move and walk while talking, and the robot will follow you. The product is indispensable for small and medium businesses and for those who spend much time at conferences, meetings, negotiations. This product will save your time! A useful solution for business, which makes it possible to follow the interlocutor if he/she moves around.
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  5. A controlled “smart” holder for your telephone/tablet – SelfieBot. For home and office. A new degree of freedom of communication during a video call made from your mobile device.

  6. A robot-waiter. Future of the restaurant and hotel business. Substitution of waiters in food service and lodging industry.
  7. Small wheeled robot-spies Rash 1, Rash 2 with the autopilot function. Fully autonomous. An ideal solution for distant monitoring.
  8. “Smart” self-service terminals for business with the functions of image and speech recognition and speech synthesis.
  9. A modified quadcopter UDI U818A with an increased flight time (35 minutes or even more). We know how to increase the flight time of a drone-quadcopter. Endurance modifies the quadcopter-drone providing it with a better power supply source and an extra battery (1500mAh 3.7V LiPo with a regulator). Our drone is able to make HD photography, aerial photography, and record video. It’s an excellent toy for children and adults. And it is cheap! For this little money you will not buy a drone able to fly for more than 35 minutes.

Endurance also works at:

  1. Diode lasers  (5, 7, 10 W) for 3D printers and CNS devices. With more powerful lasers we hope to successfully engrave metal and ceramics.
  2. Desktop engravers of more than 0.5 m2 in size with additional cameras for a more accurate system of positioning.
  3. «Smart» functions for the telepresence system: autonomous motion, «Follow me», automatic return to the charging doc station.
  4. Autopilot for a robot-waiter to ensure its moving around a place bypassing obstacles (objects and people).
  5. Possibility to use small wheeled robot-spies Rash 1, Rash 2 as models and constructors;  increase of the number of  “smart” functions  to test technologies on small robots.
  6. «Intellectual” systems of speech recognition in the narrow channel, object search and tracking at a low light level.

Our production highlights:

Product Advantages
Endurance L-Cheapo Lasers and Endurance laser engravers are powerful, high performance, portable tools for cutting and engraving non-metal and nontransparent materials. They cut and engrave plywood, wood, acrylic, plastic, MDF, cardboard up to 10 mm thick. An accessory for a 3D printer or a CNC device. Cheaper than most of its analogues on the market (CO2 lasers incl.)
SelfieBot is a user-friendly holder for a mobile device (telephone/tablet). It helps make video calls hands free. This is not just a holder but an automatic and remote controlled holder with the function to distantly change the view angle of the camera. A “smart” video surveillance, keeping the speaker in the picture, responding to events (sound, image, movement) and recording. A great addition for easy video calls and a fine substitution of a WiFi camera.
A telepresence system (telepresence robot) is a robotized wheeled platform with the function of telepresence and “intellectual” control of the system by a distant operator. The robot is equipped with the following functions:  “follow me”, image (face) and speech recognition, 360 video recording and broadcasting, demonstration/advertising, autonomous consulting, interviewing, information collection, polling, etc. The “smart” functions allow the system to act as a consultant, salesperson, and waiter of a new generation able to work 7/24 without days off and salary! It will help save on low skilled staff. “Smart” terminals with the voice menu will improve business- customers interaction and increase sales.

Our technology intended use

Laser is a new cutting and engraving tool for home and advertising and souvenir companies. Our aim is to make engraving easy.

Holder for mobile devices (SelfieBot) is a “smart” gadget for mobile devices: phone or tablet. It makes video connection easier and more friendly. Our aim is to widen functionality of mobile devices.

Telepresence system (telepresence robot) must become an ordinary means for distant visits to exhibitions and partaking in conferences, “round tables”, etc.  The telepresence system will be equally useful for business negotiations and communication empowerment of disabled people. Our aim is to enhance their communication with the outer world.

“Smart” self-service terminals for business.  Self-service terminals should communicate with customers by means of a human voice, that is, to recognize their interlocutors’ speech and synthesize a voice answerback, keep their interlocutors in sight during the communication process. Our aim is to improve customers’ and advertising service offline.

Our contacts:

Skype: george.fomitchev
E-mail: gf@old.endurancerobots.com
Тел: +7 (495) 225 7624, +7 (916) 225 4302 (в т.ч. WhatsApp, Viber)
LinPhone: sip:george.fomichev@sip.linphone.org
Address:  Moscow, ul. Scherbakovskaya, 53 (metro Semenovskaya)