Multi-color 3D Printing made easy with Geeetech Prusa I3 M201

3D Printing is cool but most 3D Printing are single color prints or prints made in 2 colors with Dual nozzle 3D printed. If you need prints by mixing color filaments you have to be an expert user of the 3D Printer with months of experience to know when to pause the printing and change filaments to the preferred color. Until now there was no easy solution to it but with the launch of Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 it would become a child’s play.

Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 is a modified variant of the popular Prusa I3 series 3D printer. It features a unique 2-in-1-out switchable hotend which can extrude 2 filaments through one nozzle. This allows users to use the printer as a color palette, and make prints with alternating colors, blending color and gradients.


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What is telepresence?

The concept of telepresence technology may be interpreted in different ways but it means one thing. It’s a system, which makes distant speakers feel as if they were really present. Every innovation idea has a hidden goal to somehow improve the world. Initially, the telepresence technology was created for conferences. The teleconference systems, used today, differ from other systems of videoconference connections (Skype, Lin Phone, Viber, etc.). First of all, it features stereo sounding, life-sized image transfer of distant participants, elongated “video wall” made of several LCD-panels or projectors, all of which requires a special room and facilities. Due to the high complexity, the price of the solutions of this kind starts at a hundred thousand dollars. Far from every company can afford it. While humanity advances a grand pas and progress is impressive, telepresence robots have become an interesting solution of the problem.
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What Future We See for Quadcopters

1It’s hard to deny that Quadcopters are used today mostly for amusement and entertainment.

There are many people who dream to fly a copter. Once you launch it, you can’t stop.

Despite the fact that a lot of companies offer copters for professional film-making, including aerial mapping, which requires sophisticated sensors, we don’t see there a broad market.
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Why do we think the telepresence robot will take off?

Telepresence robot
Why do we think the telepresence robot will take off?
The telepresence market is already a real thing. We are sure that our idea is new and nobel (advanced, progressive?) to make a great communication tool.
The ability to move while speaking opens enormous possibilities. The perfect sound and video of a person you are talking to gives you really a magic feeling. We enjoy what we do. We strive to bring robots to every business, to every family.
Everybody knows that a fixed video camera and skype in a PC or notebook sometimes cannot solve one’s problem.
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Areas where robots and drones can be used

Areas where drones and robots can be applied:

  • chemistry
  • experiments
  • sorting things
  • agriculture video, cutting, etc
  • railroad inspection
  • forests and closed objects inspection
  • delivery
  • mapping
  • filming
  • building inspection
  • welding with lasers
  • shooting gallery
  • traffic monitoring
  • disaster relief
  • street washing
  • hurricane hunting
  • virtual tours
  • air mining
  • feeding and watering
  • steady monitoring
  • gathering constant data with special sensory
  • doing routing job without a rest
  • border and police guard
  • applications for SWAT
  • Search and rescue
  • delivery while construction
  • on nuclear objects
  • underwater surveying
  • navigation systems
  • firefighting
  • spot welding
  • continuous arc welding
  • spray painting

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The Laser Cutter Attachment For a 3D Printer

13If you already have a 3D printer, you already have a machine that will trace out gears, cogs, and enclosures over an XY plane. How about strapping a laser to your extruder and turning your printer into a laser cutter? That’s what [Spiritplumber] did, and he’s actually cutting 3/16″ wood and 1/4″ acrylic with his 3D printer.

[Spiritplumber] is using a 445nm laser diode attached directly to his extruder mount to turn his 3D printer into a laser cutter. The great thing about putting a laser diode on an extruder is that no additional power supplies are needed; after installing a few connectors near the hot end, [Spiritplumber] is able to switch from extruding to lasing by just swapping a few wires. The software isn’t a problem either: it’s all just Gcode and DXFs, anyway.

There’s an Indiegogo for this, with the laser available for $200. Compare that to the Chinese laser cutters on eBay, and you can see why this is called the L-CHEAPO laser cutter.

What telepresence robots’ features have the biggest value for consumers?

Now we work at the problem how to improve the Endurance telepresence robots and make them the best.

A telepresence robot is a kind of a tablet on wheels. It gives and opportunity to communicate with other people remotely. It can be used, for example, by parents who would like to talk with their kids when they are away from home. It can also help your business partners from Japan to be present at your meeting. And your clients will find it useful if it allows them to visit your company remotely. In short, see it with your own eyes:

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Fields of Use for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

UAV, which are also called drones, are getting more popular now with every passing day. The fields of their application are very wide. As they can reach sites inaccessible or dangerous for people they are extremely useful for environmental monitoring and wildlife research. Due to easy deployment, drones become a powerful tool in the search and rescue mission, particularly in harsh conditions. In a place of natural or manmade disaster, drones provide a quick means to gather information, navigate debris with a portable and useful technology that doesn’t drown out cries for help and can be deployed by rescuing teams. With thermal sensors, drones can quickly discover the location of lost persons, and are particularly useful at night or in challenging terrain.

Carrying mapping cameras, UAV successfully do aerial photographic survey. Aerial photography is helpful for monitoring from above of construction project sites providing 3D modeling.
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