Why Does Endurance Deal With Robots?

It’s high time we should tell why we deal with robots, what future awaits them, and what our tasks and objectives are.

What does motivate us?

All of us are driven by the wish to make this world more practical and comfortable.

Do you have any idea how much time a day you waste driving a car, shopping, lining in stores, waiting to be served in restaurants and cafes? More than two hours, at best. I figured out. Just fancy that! We also have natural needs to be satisfied: sleeping eating, etc. A half of our life we dally away while could have spent quality time.

To improve the situation a little, we presume that cars should change to auto driving and take passengers from point A to point B without driver’s participation. Many companies have been already working in this direction. That is great! So do we. Google, Mercedes, Amazon, Tesla, Volvo test and showcase their revolutionary achievements at CES 2016.

Automatic courier delivery of mail, packages, goods to customers’ addresses and offices, as well as inside buildings could save a great deal of working time too. Do you remember the little robots of Star Wars?

Intellectual pilots are our immediate goal in projecting and assembling robots.

It is important, at that, to find not just a troubleproof but also a budget solution. Robot-couriers, robot-waiters, robot-autopilots to drive cars will help make a huge technological jump and raise labor productivity. It will make free substantial human resources and create additional free time.

That is why we develop robot-waiters, telepresence robots and TrackBots.

The pre-seed round of investment attraction to the Endurance project is closed

The Russian American startup Endurance specializing in development and sales of high technology production, mainly, lasers, diode laser engravers, telepresence robots and robotized systems declares the pre-seed round of investments attraction to the project closed.
During the pre-seed round the company was officially rated; though, the private investments were completed as convertible note. The next step includes a foreign legal body organization to structure the upcoming rounds of fundraising.
We plan to use the raised money to increase sales of lasers and diode laser engravers and to complete the SelfieBot development
In the nearest months the company plans to increase the laser sales and shipping and make a MVP SelfieBot to organize the seed round of fundraising in the 1st quarter of 2016. The rough calculation of the seed round is about $K250-500 for 6-12 months.

The company’s target is the international market, Europe and the USA, in particular.

The head office of the company is located on the premises of the Sapfir plant at the address:
Moscow, ul. Scherbakovskaya, 53.
The project team consists of more than 30 people.
The assembly is in San Rafael, Ca (USA).

Our private investors are:
Krivoschekov Yeugheniy Yurievich – OJSC “ForBank”, Planning and Estimating manager.
Podfigurnyi Ivan Dragushevich – ex-trader of OJSC Deutschbank of Moscow.

Legal support of the deal is provided by FMF Capital.

The presentation, which helped Endurance attract investments:

For more info contact the Endurance press-relation service
Tel.: +7 916 225 4302

Engraved and cut pictures made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo diode laser competition!

Endurance is happy to invite everybody interested to participate in a laser engraved and cut images made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo competition.

You are welcome to submit your laser engraved or cut images (pictures and videos) made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo starting from November, 20, 2015. The competition will last till Dec.20, 2016 when a ) when the jury of 5 people (will be announced later) will view your pictures and videos to select the winners.

The winners’ selection criteria are as follows:

  1. general idea of the image;
  2. esthetical qualities;
  3. originality.

We’ll also place the submitted pictures on our web site for general public to select those they like best.

The results will be announced on December, 24, 2015 on the Endurance web site.

The winner will get a brand new Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 diode laser (3.5W).

The second prize is 150 USD and 75% off for purchasing an Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

The third prize is 50 USD and 50% off for purchasing an Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

The public selection prize is 25 USD  and 25% off for purchasing an  Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

Send your pictures, videos and stories to:

Title: Endurance L-Cheapo competition.

Share your pictures and video footages in the FB group:

and Instagram with the tag: #endurancelcheapo

Send us: 2-3 best pictures of engraving samples that you made with an L-Cheapo 2W or 2.1W diode laser.

Videos (or pictures) are obligatory to prove the submitted images were made with an Endurance L Cheapo.

In your short story please tell about your experience of using L-Cheapo lasers and when you bought an L-Cheapo.

Link on your youtube video of engraving or laser cut process.

Our contacts:

or viber, whatsapp (+7 916 225 4302)

or via skype: George.fomitchev

Endurance makes a new 2.5 board for L-Cheapo lasers

IMG_8414 IMG_8501

The new board supports 2.0, 2.1, 3.5, 3.8 and 5W laser (depending on the resistors installed).

It features a prototyping area and integrated PWM.

The new board will be more efficient and stable to provide our consumers better experience of working with Endurance L-Cheapo lasers and engraving machines

Expected market launch Dec, 1, 2016, at the latest.

Endurance is starting producing and shipment 3.5 watt diode lasers More video and demo video will be available soon.

A year ago, L-Cheapo was developed to provide an open-hardware solution to laser cutting. The L-Cheapo Mark 1 hit 300% of its crowdfunding goal and was delivered faster than most crowdfunded projects in the same category.
link: note Mark 1 looks very different.

Earlier this year, we have made new models of L-Cheapo.
The actual board revision is 2.4 (Mark 2 and Mark 3 use the same board: Mark 3 has more resistors, a bigger diode, and a bigger transistor, but the same PCB, and a refined design allowing to turn most of 3D printers into a hybrid tool that can not only engrave but also cut wood, plastic and leather.

Today we introduce Mark 3. It fits in the same footprint as Mark 2, looks suspiciously like Mark 2, and is wired in the exactly the same way as Mark 2…
This is not about the same product in a smaller case for a higher price. Mark 3 outputs 70% more photons than its predecessor, resulting in fewer passes and deeper cuts. At 3.5 watts optical continuous output, it’s the strongest solid-state cutting laser kit currently available.

Both Mark 2 and Mark 3 are now available with an optional PWM connector that lets you control the output via any logic-level pin, from 15% to 100% (if for some reason, such as engraving grayscale images, you need less laser power).

L-Cheapo Mark 2 MSRP = $195
L-Cheapo Mark 3 MSRP = $295

Order now!

Only for $295 + shipping costs.

Worldwide delivery available.

About Endurance after 3 month

We are happy to announce that after 3 month of Endurance was established we have pretty big groups.
More than 240 likes on Facebook.
Almost 500 people in our LinkedIN group
Our video footage were watched more than 1500 times total.
We participated in 2 lectures-seminars about drones and robots in different universities.

We have more than 20 people working on our project full time and part time.

Join our technological startup Endurance