Engraved and cut pictures made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo diode laser competition!

Endurance is happy to invite everybody interested to participate in a laser engraved and cut images made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo competition.

You are welcome to submit your laser engraved or cut images (pictures and videos) made with 2W and 2.1W L-Cheapo starting from November, 20, 2015. The competition will last till Dec.20, 2016 when a ) when the jury of 5 people (will be announced later) will view your pictures and videos to select the winners.

The winners’ selection criteria are as follows:

  1. general idea of the image;
  2. esthetical qualities;
  3. originality.

We’ll also place the submitted pictures on our web site for general public to select those they like best.

The results will be announced on December, 24, 2015 on the Endurance web site. http://old.endurancerobots.com

The winner will get a brand new Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 diode laser (3.5W).

The second prize is 150 USD and 75% off for purchasing an Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

The third prize is 50 USD and 50% off for purchasing an Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

The public selection prize is 25 USD  and 25% off for purchasing an  Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3 laser.

Send your pictures, videos and stories to:  gf@old.endurancerobots.com

Title: Endurance L-Cheapo competition.

Share your pictures and video footages in the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/Endurance-1399951053640252/

and Instagram with the tag: #endurancelcheapo

Send us: 2-3 best pictures of engraving samples that you made with an L-Cheapo 2W or 2.1W diode laser.

Videos (or pictures) are obligatory to prove the submitted images were made with an Endurance L Cheapo.

In your short story please tell about your experience of using L-Cheapo lasers and when you bought an L-Cheapo.

Link on your youtube video of engraving or laser cut process.

Our contacts:


or viber, whatsapp (+7 916 225 4302)

or via skype: George.fomitchev