In this part of Endurance web site we will try to answer some frequntly asked questions.

How much will one kit cost?
– The basic kit called DIY SelfieBot basic and costs 95$

Can I assemble it or purchase assembled or both?
– Yes, you can buy electornics only and then you have to print and assemble parts yourself. It is basic Kit.
you can buy a complete kit and it has everything that is needed to assemble.
and the last option is to buy fully assembled and 3D printed SelfieBot.

Are instructions in the kit or online?
– Yes, you can find it online and we can send a full pdf file on the demand

What can robot do? See objects , talk, recognize my face or be programmed to recognize objects?
– Follows you while you speak. Recognizes and tracks faces. Be controlled remotely via bluetooth or via WiFi /3G/4G connectop

Is robot programmable and,thru what language C++ Java Python?
– Firmware is written using Arduino C like language.
– App is written on Java.

Is it open-source?
– The project if fully open-source and distributed under Creative common Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

How do I connect with other users and Endurance Robots online community? Where’s link for blog and online tech chat
– There are a lot of places where people discuss DIY SelfieBot including hackaday, instructables and other resources.