A little bit of everything
1. Laser cutters accessory is a unique 2100mA laser cutter accessory.
The L-Cheapo laser cutter can operate on continuous wave for up to 48 hours nonstop.
Focal length can be adjusted between 3 and 4 inches.
Endurance laser cutter can cut wood, acrylic, PLA, ABS, felt, fabric, paper, cardboard and hardboard. It can also engrave all these materials, and engrave PCBs or proto boards.

2. Telepresence rig (a new dimension of communication)
We call it a new form of communication. It is so because while you speak to someone you can control (drive a rig) and it gives an unbelievable feeling that a real person is nearby.
It can not just move but it can also change the angle of view. It is rally majestic.
You can drive it using the standard “Lin phone” API, it means that you do not have to install any additional software on your computer.

3. Small drones (antbots for gaming)
The Antbot is the first Android-based robot for sale to the public. Since 2010, the design has been expanded to include an Arduino controller, compatibility with every Android 1, 2 and 4 device, and high performance lithium-polymer battery with self balancer. A 3D printable version of the chassis is available free of charge on Thingiverse. The Antbot has a range of approximately 2 miles, which is impressive considering that it’s only a little bigger than the phone it carries!

Name Antbot (S2) Antbot (S1) Renegade Renegade (Mars)
Voltage 7,2 7,2 14,4 14,4
Batt Life, hours 4 5 5 5
Controller Arduino Propeller Arduino Propeller
Radio Android Phone Android Phone Android Phone XBEE
Camera Android Phone Android Phone Android Phone Adafruit
Interface Audio ADB Audio Serial
Element Land Land Land Land
Motors 2 or 4 4 4 4
Chassis PLA or alluminium Alluminium Steel Steel
Weight, KG 0,2 0,22 5 5
Shipment time, days 5-7 5-7 5-10 5-10


Name AntBoat Truckoid(S1) RSV Barge Controller
Voltage 9,6 9,6 12 12
Batt Life, hours 2 2 8 48
Controller Arduino Arduino Propeller Propeller
Radio Android Phone Android Phone XBEE XSTREAM
Camera Android Phone Android Phone None None
Interface Audio Audio Serial Multiple
Element Water Land Water Water
Motors 2 2 2 Up to 4
Chassis ABS ABS and PLA Steel and PVC Iron
Weight, KG 0,3 2 0,2 1000+
Shipment time, days 5-7 5-10 5-10 5-10