Robotics internship for tech students

Endurance invites students to join our robotics startup for an internship program (

We provide open-source for the Endurance SelfieBot to schools, universities, and their students, as well as hobbyists.

We are looking for strong, ambitious, passionate students to join our startup and become part of Endurance SelfieBot robotics community.

Presenting DIY Selfiebot we share with 3D model (STL files), firmware, software with your university absolutely for free.

Everything is shared already on our web site…

We need software engineers, electronical engineers, tech writers, testers, PR and marketing team and adminitrators who will take care of our community.

Basic things that SelfieBot does:

  • Rotates a mobile device and tracks a face using Google API and our app.
  • Can be controlled remotely and allows to move in 2 axes.
  • As soon as anyone upgrades or add some changes he is more than welcome to share all his results in our community.

We will provide full guidance how to make and assemble SelfieBot

To share updates and upgrades we suggest to use following resources:

Making own DIY SelfieBot allows to improve student’s skills in robotics, ability to create your own robot based on the SelfieBot’s firmware/software.

Creating a SelfieBot in the university allows to use it in any non commercial applications meaning that hardware / software faculties can make as many SelfieBots as they need for internal use and share with entire university or college.

The following functions we are looking forward to be upgraded:

  • IOS / Windows support
  • IR tracking system.
  • Wireless charger
  • Additional external battery bank
  • Motion sensor
  • Voice control systems

SelfieBot is not just a game or toy robot. It is a robot with useful features that can be used on campus. SelfieBot can be a part of a project task. Students are welcome to upgrade and make any forks. But it is necessary to refer to Endurance SelfieBot basis.

Distribution is under creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike

Articles about DIY Endurance SelfieBot

Do not miss an opportunity to join a robotics startup on very early stage.

Feel that you make something great with your own hands!

Please send us your CV to and become part of future giant in consumer robotics!