Small quadcopter / drone (UAV)


Endurance is very happy to announce the beginning of quadcopters (UAVs) sale and shipment.

We are a tuning service center in the world of drones and quadcopters (UAVs). We modify drones and quadcopters (UAVs), so that they could meet your present demands, and you could like them even more.
Our unique modified quadcopter (UAV) has an impressive flight time (more than 30 minutes) with an activated video camera.
We modify a ready UDI U818A-X model: lighten its body frame, equip it with an HD camera and, ultimately, a more powerful battery (1500milliamper-hour). That enables to increase the operation time up to 30 minutes!
We have installed a very light and HD camera (720 * 480) with 1280 * 720 photographing mode. There is also an option to fix an additional camera.
The controlled flight distance is 100 meters. Don’t forget to monitor the battery charge. We do not use additional sensors in this model. To control it one needs only a radio-operated system.  

We’ve really created a very well-made modification of the quadcopter (UAV), which can fly so long and make pictures for so little money. It’s a real pleasure to control the Endurance quadcopter (UAV)!
Because of its lightweight frame the quadcopter is able to quickly attain its speed limit. But in a windy weather it’s no good to launch a quadcopter (UAV). A strong gust of wind may cause its lost of control.
You may use our quadcopter (UAV) for amateur photography and filming of beautiful and panoramic views. But at first, to keep the correct level of altitude and horizon you have to master your drone control skills.

In addition our quadcopter (UAV) is a good toy for both grown-ups and kids. Children are fond of launching it! The feeling is incomparable. It’s much more interesting than kite-flying. Flying a quadcopter (UAV) is as near as flying a real helicopter. Well, almost the same…
It is found helpful in farming. Our drone is able to make pictures and video 30 minutes nonstop. It is also useful for surveying of closed and sensitive sites.

Our drone is a good thing for entertainment. You may entertain your guests with drone flying. “Game of drones” is becoming more and more popular in the USA. In the nearest future we also plan to offer our clients drone races.
The Endurance quadcopter (UAV) is easy to control and upgrade at the client’s request. .

 does not recommend flying a drone in a stormy windy weather to avoid its loss and damage. Mind it: it’s a light weight construction! But at a client’s demand we can furnish it with surplus levels of protection.

Everybody who has ever tested our drone flying would like to buy it.

Now we are ready to take orders and start shipment of our drones within 7-10 days of the payment.
Test our quadcopter.
Test the world of Endurance!

Always in stock!

Buy it now only for $245

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Worldwide delivery available.