Small quadcopter / drone (UAV) – Fly in good weather

Why is it recommended against flying drones in bad weather?

Flying the Endurance quadcopter UDIU818A-X arouse fantastic feelings. But only in good weather.   Yes, only in good weather. Why?

Otherwise, you’ll have to rack your head how to rescue the robot from a tree of 20-25 meters high. It’s not an easy task, believe me. It took me about 2 hours when I tested the drone.

When the wind is strong the drone is out of control. One gust of wind and your drone might lose signals of the remote control. The wind may raise the copter higher where it will also lose connection with the remote control.

If you fly the Endurance quadcopter in a windless weather, you will enjoy it to the full. The robot is good-balanced and easy to control.

It is equipped with a camera and is able to take pictures and video. Is not it great to observe the vicinity from a bird’s-eye view?

A drone in the tree.

Testing of the drone in a bad weather.

Would you like to test the drone and enjoy to fly it?