What Future We See for Quadcopters

1It’s hard to deny that Quadcopters are used today mostly for amusement and entertainment.

There are many people who dream to fly a copter. Once you launch it, you can’t stop.

Despite the fact that a lot of companies offer copters for professional film-making, including aerial mapping, which requires sophisticated sensors, we don’t see there a broad market.

It is highly important not only to control the copter but to see a good picture during the flight as well. Cheap simple copters cannot transmit the video signal from their cameras to other gadgets.  Undoubtedly, it is interesting tо record the video and watch it later. But to see the picture at the moment when the copter is flying, to see what the copter “sees” is much more captivating.

We expect that autonomously flying drones will be also in demand. If you have a local WIFI net to control the drone in a set perimeter, it will be easy enough to connect it distantly even via   TeamViewer. We see there one significant limitation. It’s automatic battery charging. To solve the problem, you need to distantly connect the drone to the electric power supply system. The charger cannot be located in the open air. So, the drone must land to the spot in an indoor area, where it will be able to automatically connect to the charger, and from where it will be able to fly up.

2For now, there are no ready solutions to do so. But there are goals to achieve.

It would be great, being at home, to have an opportunity to fly a drone above your country estate, to survey the vicinity and see in real time what is going on there. But there another issue arises. The weather.

3You need to know the wind speed and direction, the quality of WIFI net. 300-500 м of WIFI coverage is good enough.

We think that drones in combination with OculusRift will inspire many people.

The Parrot company announced that possibility in 2014.
We believe that this additional option will gain drones a wider popularity in the market. To be able to offer a really unique product, Endurance closely follows and analyses the market demands.

The time of Endurance has already come!