Why Does Endurance Deal With Robots?

It’s high time we should tell why we deal with robots, what future awaits them, and what our tasks and objectives are.

What does motivate us?

All of us are driven by the wish to make this world more practical and comfortable.

Do you have any idea how much time a day you waste driving a car, shopping, lining in stores, waiting to be served in restaurants and cafes? More than two hours, at best. I figured out. Just fancy that! We also have natural needs to be satisfied: sleeping eating, etc. A half of our life we dally away while could have spent quality time.

To improve the situation a little, we presume that cars should change to auto driving and take passengers from point A to point B without driver’s participation. Many companies have been already working in this direction. That is great! So do we. Google, Mercedes, Amazon, Tesla, Volvo test and showcase their revolutionary achievements at CES 2016.

Automatic courier delivery of mail, packages, goods to customers’ addresses and offices, as well as inside buildings could save a great deal of working time too. Do you remember the little robots of Star Wars?

Intellectual pilots are our immediate goal in projecting and assembling robots.

It is important, at that, to find not just a troubleproof but also a budget solution. Robot-couriers, robot-waiters, robot-autopilots to drive cars will help make a huge technological jump and raise labor productivity. It will make free substantial human resources and create additional free time.

That is why we develop robot-waiters, telepresence robots and TrackBots.